Product highlights

70% LTV on BTL-HMO 7 - 20 units

Up to 70% LTV on large HMOs/MUFBs with 7 – 20 bedrooms/units

75% LTV on BTL-HMO 6 units or fewer

Up to 75% LTV on buy to let and small HMOs/MUFBs with six bedrooms/units or fewer

Max loan size £1.5m

Max loan size £1.5m (larger loans considered by referral)

Experience with complex cases

Experience with complex proposals and ownership structures

Criteria overview

BTL  Age criteria


18 – 85 years old. Maximum age is applicable to the end of term

Btl product available locations


Available in England and Wales

Buy to let LTVs


75% on 6 rooms or less, 70% on 7-20 rooms

Credit status to meet our btl criteria

Credit Status

No CCJs or Defaults in last 36 months, no missed loan payments in last 12 months


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