New online broker portal, new products and changes to commitment fees

Jan 25 2018

We are delighted to announce the launch of our brand new Broker Portal. This will enable online AIP requests, full application and document submission for the first time, with case-tracking to completion included.


We are also introducing:

  • Reduced rates for large Commercial/Semi-Commercial loans over £1 million
  • Reduced rates on all BTL/HMO products 
  • Changes to fees paid by customers prior to completion, reducing the upfront costs payable by customers taking out an InterBay loan


Broker Portal

The new system has been designed to make applying for all InterBay loans quicker and easier, and will replace the current submission process.

From 25 January 2018, existing InterBay Panel Brokers will start to receive personal invitations to register, enabling you to submit online in this way.

Please note that you are unable to register until you have received an invitation. Once you have registered, all future applications must be submitted via the portal.


Benefits of the portal include:

  • Faster AIP decisions
  • A one-stop application process
  • Real-time case updates
  • The ability to upload documents and add case notes 


The Broker Portal has been designed with ease-of-use for brokers in mind. However, to help you get started, a Portal User Guide, including instructions for how to register, is available.

Please note, we will only accept the old AIP request forms submitted via until Monday 5 February 2018. After this time, any requests submitted this way will be refused and brokers will be requested to resubmit the AIP request via the online portal.


Product Changes

To accompany the launch of our Broker Portal, we're pleased to be reducing our rates across the majority of our term loan product range, making them even more competitive.


Changes Include:

  • Introduction of products for Commercial and Semi-Commercial loans above £1m, with pay rates at 65% and 75% LTV reduced by at least 0.5%
  • Reduced BTL and HMO rates, with pay rates starting from 3.99%
  • All 3 year fixed-rate products have been replaced by 2 year fixed-rate products


Application and Booking Fees

To help to further improve our service, and reduce overall upfront fees payable to us by customers prior to completion, we're making the following changes:

  • Introduction of a £130 Administration Fee - payable when the valuation is instructed for a case to be underwritten 
  • The Booking Fee is no longer required as an upfront payment prior to completion. Instead, the full arrangement fee can be added to the loan

For more information on Product and Fee changes, please refer to the updated Product Guide.

If you have any questions, you can contact your Senior Business Development Manager, or the Broker Liaison Team on 0345 878 7000.

Please note that from Monday 12 February 2018 all new AIP requests must be submitted using the Broker Portal.