Reduced commercial term loan pricing and new dual legal representation for bridging

October 25 2018

From Thursday 25 October, we are delighted to announce the following:

  • Reduced rates across all commercial and semi-commercial term products
  • The introduction of dual legal representation for bridging loans up to £2,000,000.

Commercial and semi-commercial pricing

    • All commercial mortgage and semi-commercial mortgage rates reduced by 0.25%
    • Product simplification – now only two yield-based pricing tiers for all products.

Dual legal representation for Bridging

      • Clarke Willmott can now act for both InterBay and the borrower on bridging loans up to £2,000,000
      • Potential for faster, more efficient and more cost effective legal process, helping borrowers to get short-term finance sooner
      • Dedicated Clarke Willmott team who can be contacted using direct dial.

If you have any other questions, please contact your senior business development manager, or our internal sales support team on 0345 878 7000.