New Submissions

At InterBay Commercial, we’re always determined to deliver. So when it comes to placing a case with us, we want to make things as straightforward and easy as possible.

Please follow our quick five-step plan on how to submit your cases to us, so we can help you find the lending solutions you’re looking for.

Step one

To place a case using our Broker Portal, you'll need to be registered with us first. If you haven’t yet done so, you can register below.

Step two

You can submit an application with us online. To begin, please log into our Broker Portal using your username and password.

Step three

You should now receive your agreement in principle (AIP) from our underwriters. To process your case to full application, please arrange for any fees to be paid and for the requested documents to be returned.

If we’ve asked for you to carry out a portfolio assessment using out BTL Hub, please complete this request by following the link below.

Step four

Once the valuation has been returned, our underwriting team will assess your case in full and issue a formal offer. Once the application has been agreed, please return a copy of the formal offer to the applicant and instruct their solicitors.

Step five

Once the application is agreed and the solicitors have been instructed, then the case submission process is complete.