Key partner guidelines

Submit Agreement in Principle Request form

Print the Agreement in Principle (AIP) Request form which requests some key information and a summary of the loan proposal.

Ensure that you complete all sections fully and clearly, and mark any areas that are not relevant as “N/A”. Please use our filled example for reference.

Provide a photograph of the property.

Treat the case summary section as your opportunity to sell the loan proposal to us.

Ensure the AIP Request form is signed by the applicant or by you as their representative.

Return the completed AIP Request form to your Business Development Consultant.

Receive Agreement in Principle

Your Business Development Consultant will review the AIP Request form. Please note that if the form has not been completed correctly the loan manager won’t be able to submit it to the Underwriting department. If this is the case, we will contact you asking for more information.

The loan manager will run an Equifax credit search.

The Underwriter will review the details and the results of the Equifax credit search.

If the loan proposal meets our criteria we’ll be happy to give an Agreement in Principle. It will include our standard conditions and any case specific conditions.

If the loan proposal doesn’t satisfy our standard product criteria, you’ll need to discuss it with your Business Development Consultant. We’ll consider your case on its own merits, and in most cases we’ll ask for additional information to help us make an informed decision.

Exceptional cases may be referred to Transactional Credit Committee (TCC). This is where the Underwriter will present your case, so we highly recommend that you provide us with any important supporting documentation as soon as you can.

Once a decision has been made, your Business Development Consultant will advise you on the outcome and highlight any specific conditions.

Valuation instruction

Valuation will be instructed upon receipt of the applicant’s valuation fee.

Please ensure that the approval for valuation fee form is completed fully, clearly identifying the points of contact for access.

For investment properties, please provide us with a rent roll form that shows the details of the current income stream.

Where the application is a BTL or HMO and the customer(s) jointly or separately have four or more mortgaged residential investment properties they would be classed as a portfolio landlord. In order for us to satisfy the PRA requirements for assessing portfolio landlords we will require the following:

– Business plan

– Assets and Liabilities statement

– Cash flow

You can find these documents in our Tools and Resources page.

eTech verification of background portfolio. The eTech verification is required prior to the valuation being instructed.

Submit loan application requirements

The surveyor will normally arrange an appointment within 2 working days of instruction.

The valuation inspection and report process is usually completed within 10 days of the instruction date, subject to suitable access being provided. Any time delays will be immediately communicated to you.

To avoid delays, it’s important to collect all the information requested in our Agreement in Principle while you’re waiting for your valuation report.

It is also important to have discussed a completion date with your client so we can prioritise and ensure all parties are clear on the date to work to.

Valuation and requirements review

Once we receive the valuation, we will assess the report together with the mortgage application papers.

If you haven’t provided all the required information in advance of the valuation report being received, it could delay your loan application.

Formal mortgage offer

If the loan application papers and valuation are satisfactory for our purposes we will issue a Formal Offer letter.

The Formal Offer will be sent to the applicant via post and email. The applicant will have 14 days in which to sign and return one copy of the Formal Offer letter together with the commitment fee. This can be paid directly to us by debit card.

If the offer is not returned to us within the 14 day period it will expire, and we’ll have the right to withdraw.

At the same time, we will instruct our solicitors to commence the legal process. If the applicant has appointed their own solicitors, our solicitors will correspond directly with them. If the applicant has chosen to proceed unrepresented, our solicitors will contact the applicant directly to arrange completion of the legal documentation.


Once all conditions in the Formal Offer and the legal requirements have been satisfied, we’ll drawdown funds and proceed to completion.