Broker Portal

Introducing our new Broker Portal, designed to make applying for all InterBay loans faster and easier.

We have started to send personal invitations to InterBay Panel Brokers to register with our new portal.

The new system will replace the current submission process, and will enable online AIP requests, as well as full application and document submission, with case tracking to completion included. However, in the meantime if you haven't been registered yet, please continue as normal until then.

Please note that you are unable to register until you have received an invitation. Once you have registered, all future applications must be submitted by the portal.


If you aren't yet registered...

Please apply for your client's mortgage as previously, using the forms on our Tools and Resources page.


If your client is a Portfolio Landlord, please also use our Portfolio Submission Platform.

For Buy to Let applications on behalf of landlords with 4+ mortgaged rental properties, please send us additional information concerning your client's portfolio with this through our Portfolio Submission Platform.