Our story so far

Who we are

When it comes to bridging finance, commercial lending and buy to let, we’re experts. After joining the OneSavings Bank group in 2012, we’ve become one of the most sought-after commercial lenders in the mortgage market.

Based in Hampshire, we’re continuously looking to broaden our expertise, looking to develop new products on offer and ensuring we understand our clients’ requirements to provide an informed mortgage application experience.

By working closely with our brokers, we’re able to deliver market-leading commercial and bridging lending propositions alongside complex and specialist buy to let.

How we do it

Every case is different, so we approach each one with an open mind and a willingness to provide answers – however simple or complex it may be. We take the approach that there’s no such thing as ‘one size fits all’, always looking at the small details of a case as well as the bigger picture.

With our expert team of sales, underwriting, completions and real estate on hand to assist brokers and their clients with cases, our aim is to be flexible and provide opportunities where other lenders may not be able to.

We aim to support our brokers and their clients, providing the answers they need and helping them reach their business goals. We pride ourselves on providing innovative solutions for a range of complex cases – taking a common-sense approach to every case we encounter and judging it exclusively on its own merits.

And as part of OneSavings Bank, we have the backing of a varied and established specialist lender, one that gives us the support we need to become our brokers’ favourite bridging and commercial lender.

How to get in touch

We understand the importance of building a strong, long-lasting relationship with our brokers. And this is essential to providing relevant case solutions. Whatever case you’re facing, get in touch to see how we could support you.

Call our broker sales support team on 0345 878 7000 or speak to your senior business development manager today.

Combination with Charter Court Financial Services

You may have heard about OneSavings Bank’s possible combination with Charter Court Financial Services Group. For more information please visit osb.co.uk